Interim Safety Management

AbsTracked recognises the level of change that is taking place in the organisation and structure of safety teams within transport operators. During transition, a shortage of key expertise can adversely affect safety performance.  AbsTracked Solutions can provide the expertise required to ensure that performance is maintained and improved. Personnel offered by AbsTracked have significant experience operating as Senior Managers, Safety Managers and Professional Heads of Safety.

The benefits of such short to medium term commissions include:

  • Flexible commissions that match the level input required (ranging from full time to 1-2 days per week), thus offering cost effective solutions to resourcing needs;
  • Support to ensure that strategic safety development continues allowing existing operating staff to provide continuity on day-to-day management and delivery;
  • Expertise to support recruitment programmes thus ensuring that suitable and effective selection criteria are applied;
  • Delivery of a wide range of support within a single commission to ensure that requirements are delivered in the most effective and efficient manner.