Safety Verification - Projects

To aid the process of designing out risk, it is best to consider risks associated with the scope, functionality and design of the system at the earliest possible stage of a project. AbsTracked Solutions can help clients identify the degree of risk control that can be delivered through compliance with standards and the degree of risk control that requires more detailed hazard analysis. AbsTracked Solutions will ensure that the size and depth of the Safety Plan (and Verification Action Plan) is commensurate with the level of risk presented by the project.

AbsTracked Solutions can deliver a range of services to support the Safety Verification of projects, including:

  • Facilitated Hazard Identification Workshop;
  • Standards Review and preparation of a Technical Assessment Schedule;
  • Hazard Identification Register and Verification Action Plan (VAP) development;
  • Evidence Collation and verification to demonstrate that the requirements of the VAP have been effectively closed;
  • Performance reporting, providing an overview of progress in controlling risks through the close out of the VAP actions;
  • Preparation of the Safety Verification document, offering the case for safety.

All the above can be supported by provision of a project specific document control system for validation and tracking of safety management system procedures and documents required by the verification process.