Railway Franchise Support

The personnel offered by AbsTracked to support franchise bids have considerable experience in supporting transport companies in bidding for railway franchises.  Key objectives that have been set for this type of commission have required AbsTracked to:

  • Provide advise on safety impacts generated from required elements of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Invitation to Tender (when available);
  • Author contributions for tender documents based upon responses to each of the DfT’s requirements;
  • Generate a Safety Certificate and Safety Authorisation Submission for consideration by the Safety Regulator to ensure that a legally compliant structure is in place prior to the commencement of the franchised operations;
  • Consider the roles and responsibilities of the existing operator’s safety team together with the bidder's proposed development plans in order to determine an optimum size of safety team. This will be required for consideration by the Bid Team in determining the cost structure of the proposed franchise;
  • Access the Dataroom to review safety documentation available from the exiting franchised operators and identify gaps/weaknesses in order to generate a ‘Development Plan’ for inclusion in the Franchise Tender;
  • Consider Safety impacts associated with proposed investment in stations, depots and rolling stock.