Contractor Safety Assurance

NSIP funding is currently supporting a host of improvements to stations on the railway network.  The works are generally undertaken by contractors commisssioned to undertake improvements to:

  •  safety and security; 
  •  station fabric through the introduction of modular assets;
  •  customer information ;
  •  decoration through refurbishment and rationalisation.

AbsTracked recognises that Station Operatorsdo not generally have sufficient resources to be able undertake inpections of construction works at stations.  They therefore face a significant challenge to ensure that safe working practices are established and maintained.  Abstracked can provide support to ensure:

  1. Contractors work safely and produce works of the required standard;
  2. Contracted works do not import risks to operators passengers, staff or operations.

To support this input, AbsTracked can provide advice and support in the following areas:

  • Application of CDM Regulations;
  • Health and Safety Plans;
  • Site Safety procedures:
  • Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work; 
  • Contractor safety performance established through site safety inspections.