Change Management

In order to survive and prosper in a competitive environment, organisations must be able to respond and adapt to change. However, changes are often not assessed in terms of the impact (safety or operational) that they will have on existing performance.  As a result, implemented changes are often at variance to  plans and they therefore fail to deliver the intended outcomes.

Abstracked Solutions can help companies to undertake Safety Validation and Safety Verification exercises to understand the full impact that change will have on operations and safety performance.  The outputs from these processes will ensure that all key risks are effectively controlled as change is implemented.

Safety Validation of Change

AbsTracked Solutions recognises that change proposals can originate from both internal and external sources.  The scope of these can range from complex changes that affect an entire organisation (and/or its management arrangements), through to simple changes that can affect a single group of staff or way of working.   In all cases, it is essential that the potential impact on health and safety is fully identified, assessed and controlled before the change is implemented.

Most companies adopt a process of Safety Validation as an essential element of safety management. However, change is frequently designed and implemented:

  • Before the need for validation has been recognised;
  • Without a clear understanding of whether the change will create a situation that improve safety;
  • Without a thorough understanding of the safety implications during the transition;
  • With little tracking of identified safety risks;
  • With no little understanding of the impact that the transitional arrangements will have on safety performance.

AbsTracked Solutions can assist clients in addressing the challenging requirements of safety validation. Getting involved at an early stage in change delivery enables a deeper understanding of the impact that proposed changes will have on the company’s:

  • Organisation:  The responsibilities held by individuals (job descriptions, role profiles, safety responsibilities) and by working groups (eg. Executive Safety Group,  SMS Working Group,  Safety/Incident Review Group):
  • Arragements:  The management system processes that will be impacted by the change (eg. Competence requirements, control arrangements, communication systems, monitoring etc).

AbsTracked Solutions can undertake an open, efficient and thorough review of safety risks created by the change.  Furthermore, a full ‘post-implementation review’ can be delivered to ascertain the extent of implementation and the degree of success in delivering the original requirements.

Project Safety Verification has a separate page on this site.