AbsTracked Solutions provides an audit service that provides assurance of performance in dedicated areas of business.  AbsTracked will ensure that bespoke protocols are developed and delivered by skilled auditors in order to test compliance with legislation, industry standards, company standards and industry best practice.

Our audit services support business improvement through the application of continual improvement in clients’ operations and their suppliers’ undertakings.

We deliver: 

First Party Audits – Essentially delivering a company’s internal audit needs;

Second Party Audits – Primarily audits of a company’s suppliers and interfacing parties.

Third Party Audits – Independent audits undertaken by external auditors.


To support this Abstracked can offer an audit package that includes Integrated Management System Audits, Safety Audits, Quality Audits, Environmental Audits, Supplier Audits, Process Audits, System Audits and Contractor Performance Audits.

 Independent Safety Audit

The Independent Safety Audit Service offered by AbsTracked Solutions is focused on providing clients with a high quality and bespoke test of risk controls.  AbsTracked offers two different styles of audit:

1      Compliance Audit.  Compliance audits are specifically designed to test ‘ground level’ activities to gauge the level of compliance with legislative requirements, industry standards and clients’ own safety management systems.

2      Risk-based Audit.  This type of audit is specifically designed to match the risk profile of any client.  The focus is on testing whether suitable and sufficient control measures are in place to ensure that the highest risks encountered are effectively controlled.  The emphasis is on the effectiveness of control rather than compliance with specific procedural requirements.

AbsTracked Solution's approach will therefore:
      *     Test the effectiveness of risk controls,
      *     Test the effectiveness and resilience of Safety Management Systems,
      *     Provide assurance of compliance with safety legislation,
      *     Test that systems embrace continuous improvement.

To suit customer requirements AbsTracked can provide these bespoke auditing services can be applied to any stage of design and implementation of a safety managements system. Similarly, these audits yield valuable results when deployed at different stages in a project’s development – all the way from design through the life cycle to expiry.

By offering integrated systems management services, AbsTracked can increase efficiency, quality and safety while decreasing cost and management overheads.

Our independent findings are based on expert judgement, this yielding recommendations based on best practice techniques.